Monet's Pond — Japanese Pond

Far in the mountains of Japan in Gifu Prefecture, Nemichi Shrine in Seki city, there is an absolutely stunning pond "Monet's Pond", to which tourists beckon like a magnet. The whole secret is in the incredible beauty of this place - clear water, lilies and bright fish bring to mind Monet's paintings, and it seems, no matter how you photograph the landscape, each frame turns out to be incredibly artistic.

Monet's pond, Seki-shi, Japan

Lake Abraham | Alberta

Abraham Lake — Alberta, is a man-made lake created in 1972 during the construction of a Bighorn Dam on the river North Saskatchewan River in western Alberta , in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The area is about 54 square kilometers, the length is 32 km. The reservoir was named after Silas Abraham, a resident of Saskatchewan valley in the nineteenth century. 

The bright blue lake against the backdrop of nearby mountains offers varied and spectacular views from any view and is a favorite of photographers.

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Conch Island — A Huge Cemetery of Millions of Conch Shells

Conch Island is not a natural an island, but a massive cemetery of conch shells. These conch seashell thrown by local fishermen on the same place over and over years and become into worlds most serene and beautiful Island.

The fishermen of the island of Anegada created an entire island of conch shell over 800 years


Rakotzbrücke | Devil's Bridge Germany

There are a lot of interesting structures in the world with which mysterious stories and mystical legends are associated. Just one of these is the unusual basalt bridge Rakotzbrücke located in the Kromlau park in the German town of Gablenz, which also has the unambiguous name of the Devil's Bridge.

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Devil's bridge


Meeting of Waters | Encontro das Aguas

The Meeting of Waters | Encontro das Águas, is a phenomenon that happens at the confluence of the Negro River, of black water, and the Solimões River, of muddy water, where the waters of the two rivers flow side by side without mixing for an extension of more than 6 km . Then the waters of the two rivers come together, and start to be called the Amazon River, one of the main economic and transport means for the inhabitants of the city of Manaus, Brazil and the meeting of the waters of these two rivers is one of the main tourist attractions in the region.

Meeting of Waters | Encontro das Aguas
Meeting of Waters | Encontro das Aguas


Chapel Inside The Santa Margarida Volcano

The volcano Santa Margarida located in the Spanish region of Garrotxa, in Catalonia Volcanic Park, last boiled and raged 11,500 years ago which poured out millions of tons of magma that accumulated on the hill which is part of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone National Park, which is the largest volcanic formation in the Iberian Peninsula. Today, it is covered with holm oaks and is 682 meters high. Inside its crater, about two kilometres it is covered with grass and bushes. A solitary Romanesque church is stand in the middle of this crater.
Chapel Inside The Santa Margarida Volcano

Verzasca Is The Most Transparent River In World

The Swiss mountains are famous all over the world, but the rivers of this country are no less remarkable. One of these rivers is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps and proudly bears the status of one of the most beautiful European rivers. The Verzasca River is also considered to be the cleanest river in the world. It is located in a valley in Switzerland's Italian-speaking region of Ticino. This mountain river is 30 km long and originates at an altitude of 2864 meters. Verzasca flows to the south, where it flows into the mountain lake Maggiore.
Verzasca is the most transparent river in Switzerland


The Carpet of Golden Leaves Under The 1,400-Year-Old Chinese Ginkgo Tree

This miracle of nature is a Japanese ginkgo tree that grows between the walls of a Buddhist temple at Gu Guanyin in the Zhongnan Mountains of China. Every autumn, this 1,400-year-old tree looks so fabulous that it attracts crowds of tourists and photographers. The time to see the golden leaves is set from October 28 to December 10.

The Carpet of Golden Leaves Under The 1,400-Year-Old Chinese Ginkgo Tree


The Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village, Houtouwan

The small fishing village of Houtouwan, which is located on one of the Chinese islands of the Shengshan, east of Shanghai, China, A remote village on one of the 400 archipelago of Shengsi. It was abandoned by the locals in the 1990s. Due to poor transport links and depletion of fish resources, residents were forced to find work in other cities, while leaving their coastal village at the whim of Mother Nature. The village was once home to over 2,000 fishermen, now home to less than a dozen people. 

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200-year-old Bridge Built Without A Single Nail In Dagestan, Russia

About how the ancient people managed to build the Egyptian pyramids or other large-scale and complex architectural structures, controversy is still ongoing. A high and unusually strong bridge in Dagestan, built of wood, figuratively speaking, without a single nail - even if not as famous and not as grandiose as the same Egyptian pyramids, but this does not cease to be the same mysterious. When did it appear here and how did the local ancient people, the Tabasaran, manage to build it?

The secret of the 200-year-old bridge in Dagestan, which was built without a single nail, but is able to withstand a car

Monet's Pond — Japanese Pond

Far in the mountains of Japan in Gifu Prefecture, Nemichi Shrine in Seki city , there is an absolutely stunning pond " Monet's Pond...