Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Venezuela Poodle Moth, or Fluffy MothCute Moth, Poodle Moth, Puppy moth, is actually something spectacular, strange, and fascinating. This poodle moth look-alike butterfly - what is it? A small creature with raised eyes with black eyes and a moustache eyebrow, moreover, "dressed" in the fluffy fur coat of a snow-white poodle, but Venezuela Poodle Moth is a cute and mysterious creature.

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Poodle Moth

The surprisingly attractive poodle moth with its appearance completely refutes the beaten phrase “as homely as a moth” - even so pretty! Just charming! the real poodle moth. This is the most beautiful furry moth on our planet! 

This beauty was discovered by a German macro photographer, Arthur Anker, bumping into her in the Canaima National Park of Venezuela in 2009. Having taken several pictures of this mysterious butterfly, Arthur, returning home, posted them on the Internet — and the photos instantly became viral, as people liked them. 

But not only the World Wide Web regulars drew attention to the images of unusual butterflies, but they were also immediately noticed and biologists. As it turned out, this unusual fluffy moth is still unknown to science. However, this is not surprising, on our planet, there is still a lot of unexplored, even in reality, not to mention the ocean.

Fluffy Moth

Cute white moth — The snow-white cute fluffy moth eventually became known as the "poodle" because its "fur coat" really resembles the wool of a white poodle these are very pretty moths. Why precisely moth? Scientists have considered that this cute butterfly is related to a “beggar-beggar”, also a white fluffy moth, but a white fluff on the head is true.

A mystery for scientists is this: why these fluffy cute moth, which live only in warm Venezuela, are such warm coats? To do this, of course, you need to explore this mysterious fairy in more detail, however, if you turn to the Internet, we will not find any information about this. Had the biologists failed to find the cute fuzzy moth, and Arthur Anker himself photographed this little girl somewhere in a parallel world? Photographed, without even noticing that for a moment fell into another reality? Anything can happen.

Fuzzy Moth

Venezuelan poodle moth size — about 1 in (2.5 cm) in length

Venezuelan poodle moth habitat — The Venezuelan moth lives in Venezuela, South America, in the Canaima National Park. The region includes a wide variety of habitats, including tropical rainforest and high plateaus known as tepuis, some-times look like albino moth.
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White fluffy moth

venezuelan poodle moth
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Puppy moth

poodle moth
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fluffy moth
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white fluffy moth
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puppy moth
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puppy moth
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albino moth
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Venezuelan poodle moth facts
  • Perhaps most notably, the amazing Venezuelan Poodle Moth is still unknown to pest experts. This bizarre and unusual-looking insect first became known in 2009.
  • Its unique appearance is what gives it its unique name. It is often compared to a cross between an ant and a moth. It is a very vivid image.
  • Entomologists don't know much about these amazing invertebrates at this time. However, some assumptions may not be correct. This is all the research that researchers need to do.
  • Veterinarian Arthur Anker photographed the mysterious Lepidoptera in 2009, on a trip. Dr. Anker also took 75 photos of rare fluffy moth species. Unfortunately, not all of them were available for viewing.
  • It is difficult to classify this creature as complex because of the lack of reliable scientific data. Many of the divorces that were applied to them at this time are still valid. It doesn't even have a genre name.
  • Due to complete ignorance, the IUCN was apparently not included in the Venezuelan Poodle Moth list. At this moment, its exact location is not known. However, it could face similar threats to other species, such as climate change. [Fact source]


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