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Bailong Elevator, a glass-double-deck elevator constructed onto a 326m high cliff in Zhangjiajie's Wulingyuan region of Zhangjiajie is called the "Baillong Elevator". It is believed to be the largest and most powerful outdoor elevator in the world. The elevator was built in October 1999 and opened to the public in 2002. As the Wulingyan region was declared a World Heritage Site in 2002, the environmental impacts of the elevator have been the subject of much debate and controversy. The debate surrounding the elevator's environmental impact has been heated. In 2002-2003 operations were stopped for ten months due to safety concerns but not environmental ones.

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Bailong – Outside Elevator

Bailong Elevator Zhangjiajie China – Guinness World Records recognized the elevator on 15 July 2015 as the world's tallest outside elevator. Bailong in English means A Hundred Dragons. Bailong Elevator can also be called Hundred Dragons Elevator. The elevator can be found in the World Heritage site Wulingyuan Scenic Area. This architectural wonder was built in just three years. The engineers were simply trying to make tourists enjoy the scenic views with ease and convenience when the idea of creating an elevator was first proposed. As the discussion progressed, more and more environmental suggestions were made. To avoid disturbing the natural balance of the neighborhood, half the elevator was built into the cliff and the other half was pushed out from the edge. All elevators had glass windows to blend in with the surrounding environment. Finally, such an elevator was built.

Tallest elevator in the world

The Bailong Elevator is awarded not one, but 3 Guinness Book of World Records nominations.  It is the tallest full exposure outdoor elevator, tallest double-deck sightseeing lift, and fastest passenger traffic elevator. It is only possible to be astonished by the record-breaking creation.

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The Bailong Elevator – Exterior Elevator

The lift can be seen through the glass windows when it is in motion. The Wulingyuan Scenic Area has a large natural system. It is possible to visit the area by hiking, taking a cable car, or catching free sightseeing buses. Bailong Elevator's gratefulness is unique. Bailong Elevator is the only way to see the Mountain View in one minute. The ride's last section is very appealing. A Time-saving, Energy-saving Method to Reach Hallelujah Mountain

Bailong elevator China, It takes about two hours to hike from Yuanjiajie's bottom to its top. It takes about 1.5-2 hours to reach the top of the mountain's highest peak, Hallelujah Mountain, No.1 Bridge in the World, Fascinating Platform, and others. There are no other options for jumping up from the bottom of the mountain to get to the top. 

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Bailong Elevator Location
Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie, China (GOOGLE MAP)
Bailong Elevator Map
the bailong elevator
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