Octopus Tree of Oregon

The Octopus Tree, also known by the Candelabra Tree (or Council Tree), and Monstrosity Tree, is a Sitka spruce in Tillamook County Oregon, United States. 

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Octopus Tree Oregon

Oregon Tree Octopus — The park is 200 feet above the sea and offers more than three miles of hiking trails. There are also stunning views and the Cape Meares Lighthouse. It stands approximately 32 meters tall with no primary trunk. It is approximately 32 m tall and has a 14 meter circumference is one of the largest tree in Oregon. The tree is estimated to be two hundred fifty to three hundred years old is one of the oldest tree in Oregon and has been described as a "natural wonder". The Statesman Journal says that it was used as a ceremony tree by local tribes. It was then trained to its unique octopus shape, according to historians.

Octopus Tree Tillamook Oregon — The Friends of Cape Meares Lighthouse placed a plaque to mark this culturally significant site. A wooden fence surrounds the 50 foot base of the tree to discourage tree climbers. It is impossible to know how the Sitka giant spruce got its unique shape. Local historians and urban legends both believe that it was a sacred tree planted by the region's original inhabitants. According to legend, these Native American tribes on the coast would choose unique trees for ceremonial purposes. They likely made the branches horizontal while they were young and flexible. Once they were mature, each one was allowed to grow vertically.

The Oregon Travel Experience has made the Octopus tree a state heritage forest. Jamie Hale featured the tree in The Oregonian’s 2017 lists of "The twelve most iconic landmarks in Oregon" and "The forty best roadside attractions” in Oregon. He also included it in The Oregonian's 2019 list "The 12 most iconic landmarks on the Oregon Coast Highway". The Octopus Tree is also known for being "famous", and "unique".

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