Moon Bridge in Taiwan

Moon bridge is a high-round arched pedestrian bridge. It was first introduced in China. The bridge was originally intended to permit pedestrians to cross canal while also allowing barges below. It can be constructed using climbing ascents and descents.. It also doesn't require space from nearby fields for access. A moon bridge in formal gardens is designed so that it can be reflected in still waters. The moon is symbolized by the circle formed by the reflection and high arch.

moon bridge taipei

Moon Bridge Taiwan

The Moon Bridge or Jindai Bridge is constructed atop the thirteen-hectare lake so that the moonlight reflects perfectly on the semi-circle-shaped bridge. The perfect reflection of an upside-down world is possible in crystal clear water. This almost tricks your mind. This unique tourist attraction is a result of their skillful hands, creative minds, and innovative ideas. Taipei is a vibrant and bustling city.

Moon bridge Taipei

The bridge's irresistible artificial beauty makes it one of the most iconic bridges worldwide. The moon bridge is located at Dahu Park, Neihu in Taipei's city (Dahu Park, No. 31, Section 5, Chenggong Rd, Neihu District, Taipei City, Taiwan 114). The bridge has a modern design that brings out the best of European architectural art. People feel that there are two bridges. The bridge is reflective of the calm water. The arch forms a circle to represent the moon, seem like bridge on the moon. It is a popular tourist attraction.

Dahu Park, Taipei's best park, is a great place to visit on sunny days. Dahu Park is renowned for its "moonbridge" and tranquil lake. It's the perfect spot for an afternoon stroll. The park covers almost 130,000 square meters. It has a small lake, a unique bridge, and lots of greens.

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Bridge in Taiwan

Taiwan is home to more than 280 mountains peaks and 3,700 meters. Taiwan's unique geology and topography have resulted in beautiful natural landscapes. There is also the Big Dahu Park, with its impressive Moon bridge. The 13-hectare lake is ideal for fishing, picnicking, and walking along the shoreline, watching birds fly overhead, or getting lost in nature, taking in the freshness of earth and heaven.

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