Dragon Bridge Vietnam

Dragon Bridge, In Vietnamese Cầu Rồng — The longest bridge of Vietnam, is situated in the city Da Nang. It offers a spectacular display of lights and fire as well as water. It measured 666 meters in length, 37.5 meters wide and was built in the form of a golden dragon. Danang bridge, which spans the Han River in six lanes, is a popular spot for travelling photographers and serves as a direct route to My Khe Beach or Non-Nuoc Beach. 

da nang bridge
Dragon bridge at night

Dragon Bridge Da Nang

On July 19, 2009, the construction of the dragon bridge was begun. The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by Nguyen Tan D, the former Prime Minister and Head of State of Vietnam, and other high-ranking officials. 

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dragon bridge vietnam
Cầu rồng đà Nẵng tiếng Anh
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Danang Dragon Bridge

After a two-year-long construction, The Da Nang bridge was opened to the public on March 29, 2013. This marked and commemorated the 38th anniversary since Da Nang City was liberated, with cost nearly VND 1.5 trillion (US$88m). People beliefs that the dragon is an important symbol of power, nobility, and good luck. It's a fantastic sight any time of day. Still, Dragon Bridge Da Nang is especially impressive (and packed full of sightseers) at night when illuminated by colourful LED lights, which is the best view of the Danang dragon bridge

danang dragon bridge
Han bridge Danang
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Fire breathing dragon bridge

The Da Nang dragon bridge state-of-the-art technology is scheduled to release water and fire from its mouth every weekend, as well as during annual celebrations. Designed by Ammann & Whitney Consulting Engineers USA in collaboration with Louis Berger Group. In October 2012, the main span was completed. 

where is dragon bridge
Cầu Rồng
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Da Nang Bridge

Vietnam Dragon Bridge — Many riverfront restaurants, bars, and cafes offer terrace seats with views of Vietnam's longest bridge. You can also choose to take in the Views from the waterfront, where marble carvings depicting animals and deities are placed along the Han River.

Dragon bridge in Vietnam — Bridge Danang is the shortest route between Da Nang International Airport and major roads in Da Nang. It also provides a direct way to My Khe Beach and Non-Nuoc Beach on the eastern side. Bridge in Danang to allow for water and fire every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM.

the dragon bridge
Da Nang dragon
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dragon bridge in vietnam
Cầu rồng đà Nẵng
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Dragon bridge da nang fire show time — Every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 PM
the dragon bridge in da nang
Bridge in Danang
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dragon fire suspension
Bridge Danang
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love bridge da nang
Dragon bridge da nang
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dragon bridge, vietnam
Da Nang bridge
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Dragon Bridge Fire Show Danang Vietnam — Video

Dragon bridge Da Nang | Google Map

Danang dragon bridge fire show
dragon bridge
Dragon bridge Vietnam
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