Bagger 288 – Giant Excavator

Bagger 288, or wheeled bucket excavator, was built by Krupp, Germany, for the energy and mining company Rheinbraun. The giant excavator is either a bucket-wheel excavation machine or a mobile strip mining device or mine digger. Germany was home to the world largest excavators. After the completion of five years in 1978, its cost reached a hundred million USD. The excavator cost and  dimensions are incredible, and it weighs in at 13,500 tonnes. The giant excavator Bagger 288 in one of the world largest excavators.

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Giant Excavator

The 288 Bagger is also known as the 288 Bucket Wheel Excavator. This giant mining machine is the heaviest and largest land vehicle in the world. The bucket wheel excavators that are used for coal mining are giant. The Bagger 288 weighs approximately 13.5 million tons and measures 240m in length, 96m in height, and 46m wide.

The main activity of this worker is to develop coal, sand, and clay deposits. This big excavator can also dig trenches and ditches to lay pipes or create fill structures like dams, embankments, or dumps. The versatility of the excavator's work is a significant advantage. This mine diger can be capable of lifting 240 000 cubic meters of soil in one day. The largest earth mover takes several months to shovel this much rock using ordinary excavators.

Biggest excavator

Big wheel Bagger — The primary mechanism that makes the largest excavator anywhere in the world is the rotor. This is a massive shaft that holds eighteen buckets. It is a giant mining machine whose arrow is over 200 meters long. It has a diameter of 8 storey at the end is a wheel filled with 18 buckets, each bucket has a capacity of 6.6 cubic meters. The buckets rotate on the rotor and lift the soil onto the bucket transporting the mined rock to its destination.

Biggest excavator in the world — With enhanced power, the large vehicle is designed in such a way that it can directly unload the lifted raw material into the wagons. The most significant excavator can move at a speed of approximately less then 1 km/h, among other benefits. The pressure applied by this bigest excavator on the ground is not as significant due to its width and large number of tracks. The monster can move quickly, but it takes time to get to another career.

Biggest excavators in the world — Incredibly, only four people can operate the largest excavator. The operator is the one who runs the Machine, its changer, and controls the loading of soil.

Largest vehicles in the world — It isn't easy to move an excavator from one place to another. This is a spectacular event that many people are eager to see this biggest vehicle in the world. It is pretty impressive, as moving it is an entirely different operation. They are moved along the highways and railways. Unique cushions are made to protect them, the soil is strengthened in certain places, and small rivers are created.

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bagger 288
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World's largest Excavator

One of the most exciting design elements of the Bagger 288's power supply is the. This monster requires tens to hundreds of megawatts to function. This is equivalent to the total electricity demand of a city. Bagger 288, the electric motors drive the rotor, tracks, and other mechanisms. An industrial power grid powers these electric motors via a special cable. A reel is attached to the excavator with a cable around it. It measures approximately 1 km in length.

Biggest excavators — The service shift for this biggest excavator consists of four people. The shift consists of two excavators, who alternate between each other. They are the coordinator for the Conveyors that supply coal for loading and the master of detachment. 

The heavy excavators sits in his cab on a giant Bagger 288 arm. From there, it controls the rotor using joysticks. The excavator must make sure that buckets have an excellent slope And that the walls of the cut do not collapse. This will ensure that the rotor does not get damaged by large lumps or other debris. The "tactic and strategy of battle." are developed by the squad master. It must make the path for the monster whenever it moves from one mine to the next.

giant excavator
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Big wheel Bagger

The designers "shod" the earth with 12 tracks measuring 3.8 meters in width each to prevent it from sinking under the massive weight. The pressure created by the Machine is spread over a wide area. The Bagger 288 can drive through fields without damaging the soil layer. The speed of the monster's movement is extremely slow - it can only move about 0.1 to 0.6 km/h. It can take several weeks to travel from one quarry to the next.

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