Hidden Beach of Islas Marietas, Mexico

A hidden beach of mesmerizing beauty can be found in Mexico off the coast of a small uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean, 22 miles west of the resort town of Puerto Vallarta. The beach is located right inside the cliffs of one of the islands of the Marieta archipelago and resembles a large natural pool with sandy beaches, embossed in an open-top cave. The walls of the cave block it from the outside world. This amazing lost beach seems to be an ideal place for lovers to retire. Not without reason, it was originally called the Beach of Love” (Playa de Amor).

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Hidden Beach Mexico

A group of small uninhabited islands a few miles off the coast of the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico. The islands are of volcanic origin, their age is thousands of years old. The archipelago is located in the bay of Banderas Bay, recognized in 1997 as one of the most beautiful in the world, so these places are worth a visit not only because of the picturesque lost beach.

Hidden beach Marietas

Researchers suggest that a unique hidden beach among the cliffs of Marieta Island was formed in the 1900s of the last century. “Beach of Love” owes its origin, first of all, not to nature, but to people. 
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Hidden beach Puerto Vallarta

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How was the hidden beach formed?

The Mexican government used the uninhabited and fairly remote populated areas of the coast of the island of Marieta as a territory for military trials. A series of controlled explosions were made on the islands, leaving an imprint on their modern landscape. It was the explosions that caused the appearance of numerous caves and other bizarre rock formations on the Marieta Islands.

After the military left the islands, nature completed the work begun by people. The sun, wind, and ocean waves polished the rock stones, giving the rocks, caves, and grottoes of the Marieta Islands a completely unique shape.

It is believed that the hidden beach of Playa de Amor arose as a result of explosions during military tests: the blast wave caused severe destruction of the stone, and rock erosion caused by local climatic features, gradually completed the matter. As a result, an unusual beach hidden in the rocks was formed, which became at first a local attraction of the nearby Mexican resort of Puerto Vallarta, and later became famous far beyond Mexico.

The fate of the Marieta Islands was changed by the famous French explorer of the underwater world, Jacques Yves Cousteau, thanks to whom at the end of the 60s of the XX century the study of local nature began, which turned out to be truly unique.

In 2005, the Marieta Archipelago was granted the status of a national park - the Parque Nacional Islas Marietas hidden beach. Since then, the 3460-acre [1,400 ha] nature reserve has come under the protection of the Mexican government. In 2008, the Marieta Islands were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the biosphere, hunting, fishing, and any other anthropogenic effects are strictly prohibited.

Hidden beach Marieta Islands
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