25 strangest coincidences in recent history

A collection of amazing coincidences in recent history, which show how surprisingly and inexplicably events can take shape.

25 strangest coincidences in recent history

Double Death

2002, Finland. A man on a bicycle tries to cross the highway, he is hit by a car and he dies. Two hours later, his twin brother, also on a bicycle, tries to cross the highway and dies in exactly the same way - he is hit by a car. The time interval between deaths is 2 hours.

Patient bullet

One girl, as a result of unhappy love, committed suicide. Her brother vowed to kill the culprit, Henry Sigland. He shot him, but didn’t hit him: the fired bullet was stuck in a tree in the neighboring area. A few years later, Henry cleared that area and in order to get rid of the tree, he decided to use dynamite. As a result of the explosion, a bullet hit Zigland and still killed him. True, for this I had to wait a bit.

Musical neighbors

25 strangest coincidences in recent history

Jimmy Hendricks and George Handel were neighbors, however, with a time difference of 200 years. They lived on 23 and 25 Brook Street, respectively, in London. 

Mr. Bryson Checks In Twice

When Mr. George D. Bryson checked in at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, he discovered that Mr. George D. Bryson was also a previous guest.

The First and Last Victims of the Hoover Dam

The first worker who died during the construction of the dam was J. G. Tierney. This happened on December 20, 1922. The last person to die during construction was the son of J. G. Tierney. It was December 20, 1935.

He was not joking

25 strangest coincidences in recent history

Legend has it that on June 20, 1941, Soviet archaeologists uncovered the grave of Tamerlane, a descendant of Genghis Khan. The inscription on the grave was a warning: “Whoever opens the grave of Tamerlane will release the spirit of war. And there will be a massacre so bloody and terrible that the world has not seen forever and ever. ” They discovered it, 2 days later, Germany invaded the Soviet Union.

A license plate that said much more than anyone thought
The number plate number of the car of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in which he was killed was III118. The official end of World War I was Armistice Day, 11/11/18

Do not take cruises!
Violet Jessup looks like a walking omen. She served on all Olympic-class liners and witnessed incidents with them. She was on board the Olympic, which collided with the cruiser Hawk, on board the Titanic, which collided with the iceberg, served as a sister of mercy on board the ship Britanic, which sank after a mine explosion.

Dangerous taxi
25 strangest coincidences in recent history

In 1975, in Bermuda, a taxi driver shot down a man to death. A taxi passenger witnessed a death. A year later, the same taxi driver was carrying the same passenger as a year ago. This time the taxi driver knocked to death a man who was ... brother of that very first victim. It happens!

Keep children away from the window!
In the 1930s, a child fell out of a window onto a certain Joseph Figlok. The following year, on the same day, the same child again fell out of the window and again ... at Joseph Figlok. Neither the child nor Figlok were injured, but it would not hurt parents to install a protective screen on the window.

Mark Twain and Comet Halley
Halley's Comet flies past us once every 76 years, a segment almost the length of a human life. Mark Twain was born in 1835, the day the comet flew past the Earth and died in 1910, during its next return.

I would like to take a look at their insurance
In 1895, two cars collided in Ohio. And all would be fine, but in the whole state of Ohio at that time there were only ... 2 cars.

Twins death
On May 22, 1975, the twins John and Arthur Moufort were admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of a heart attack. The twins soon died. At that moment, they were far apart and did not know anything about each other. Between them was 120 km.

Incredible facts - history repeats itself

25 strangest coincidences in recent history

Hitler was born 129 years after Napoleon. He also came to power 129 years after Napoleon came to power, invaded Russia 129 years after Napoleon’s attack on Russia, and was defeated 129 years after Napoleon lost.

The case when it was worth listening to yourself
At 49, South African astronomer Danny do Tua lectured that death could come at any time. At the end of the lecture, he energetically put menthol candy in his mouth, choked, and died.

Stalin, Hitler and Emperor Franz Joseph at the same time lived in Vienna on the neighboring streets. It was the year 1913.

Twins are strange people

25 strangest coincidences in recent history

Twins from Ohio were separated in childhood and each grew up, not knowing anything about the existence of the other. Both were named James, both worked as police officers and married women named Linda. Each of them had one son, who was named James Alan and James Allan. Each had a dog named Toy. They were both divorced, but each of them later remarried a woman named Betty.

Neighbors forever
The first British soldier killed in World War II is buried a few meters from the last British soldier killed in World War II. This was not done intentionally.

The name that began and ended the history of Rome
Rome, according to legend, was founded by Romulus, who was said to have been raised by a wolf along with his brother, Remus. The last emperor of Rome was called Romulus Augustus.

Fatal error
When designing landscapes for Deus Ex games, one of the artists made a mistake: he forgot to put twin towers on the scheme. In order to hide this blunder, they composed something like a terrorist attack. A real attack followed 1 year after the release of the games.

Hello from childhood

25 strangest coincidences in recent history

An American writer Anne Parrish found a favorite book of fairy tales in a second-hand bookstore. She was very happy and told her husband how much she loved the book when she was a child. When she opened it, she found on the title page: "Anne Parrish, 209 N Weber Street, Colorado."

Three fellow travelers
1920, three men are traveling in a compartment. As it turned out later, the surname of one of them was Binkham, the second - Powell, the third - Binkham-Powell. It is amazing that they were not even relatives.

They were not even twins
King of Italy Umberto I somehow wandered into a restaurant, the owner of which was also Umberto. He was like two drops of water like a king. Moreover, it turned out that the king and restaurateur were born on the same day - March 14, 1844. The restaurant was opened on the day of the coronation of the king. In 1900, the king was informed that the owner of the restaurant was killed by a shot. King Umberto I was also killed by a shot.

Fortune teller

25 strangest coincidences in recent history

One story by writer Edgar Allan Poe refers to the wreck of a ship, which resulted in four survivors. They were carried around the ocean for a long time, hunger tormented them, and in the end they ate a young man, Richard Parker. A few years later, a ship with three wrecked ships was discovered on the high seas. There were four survivors in general, but hunger forced them to eat a young man, the youngest of them. His name was Richard Parker.

Source | Viralnova | Factroom

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