These Strange Wooden Goggles Were Invented By The Ancient Peoples

These strange glasses were invented by the ancient peoples

This man, wearing a strange pair of glasses, is not trying to launch fashion, in fact, he is just preparing for a walk through the frozen tundra. As well? It turns out that when light is intensified by the reflection of light waves on the surface of snowy areas in conjunction with exposure to ultraviolet radiation, lack of eye protection (or poor protection) can lead to corneal and conjunctival burns, which result in blindness. temporary or even permanent.

These strange glasses were invented by the ancient peoples
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Photokeratitis problem — Snow blindness is scientifically known as photokeratitis. Sometimes known as snow blindness, can be intensely painful and requires days of recovery, which is a serious problem for people who need to travel through all-white landscapes.

The Inuit, Yupik, Aleut and other Arctic peoples - formerly known as Eskimos - have been manufacturing and using extremely primitive yet effective eye protection parts for thousands of years. These snow glasses are made of whatever material the remote Arctic offers. Floating wood, animal bones, walrus ivory and caribou horns are the most obvious choices. But sunglasses made of coastal grasses.

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The glasses are made to fit the wearer's face, just like a sunglasses. The straps are made of walrus skin or caribupon tendon to keep the glasses in place firmly against the face. A narrow horizontal slit along the length of the "lens" located directly in front of the eye reduces the amount of light entering and therefore reduces the brightness of the snow.

Soot is sometimes also applied inside the glasses to further dim the shine. The slits are narrow not only to reduce the amount of light entering, but also to improve visual acuity.

Apparently, the earliest snow glasses date back to a culture called the "ancient Bering Sea people" who lived somewhere on the west coast of Alaska in prehistory. They were the ancestors of the Inuit people today.

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