7 iconic places where made wishes always come true

Even in the 21st century, people continue to believe in miracles and sometimes go to the ends of the world for the sole purpose of testing the effects of strange rituals that bring good luck to life. Fortunately, such "places of the fulfillment of desires" exist in almost all countries. We offer you to get acquainted with those places and rituals associated with them, where people are constantly in a hurry, believing in their magical power. 7 iconic places where made wishes always come true

7 iconic places where made wishes always come true

01. Gargoyle Head, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Gargoyle Head, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Gargoyle head, Dubrovnik, Croatia. / Photo: www.dreamstime.com

Walking in Dubrovnik along the main street, at the entrance to the Old Town through the arch you can see a strange head protruding from the stone wall at 15 centimeters. It is located right next to the entrance to the Franciscan monastery and the stairs leading to the city walls.

Gargoyle Head, Dubrovnik, Croatia
 Gargoyle head, Dubrovnik, Croatia. / Photo: www.atlasobscura.com

The upper part of the head is polished to a marble shine, and the wall above the gargoyle bears the imprints of thousands of hands. According to legend, luck in love will accompany those who jump on their heads and can not only keep their balance on a strange head but also manage to take off their shirt standing on this tiny stone platform facing the wall.

Once this head was an ordinary drainpipe, but later the communications system was changed. Water no longer flows through this pipe, but the gargoyle itself still gives people faith in miracles.

02. Guard Monkey, Mons, Belgium
Guard Monkey, Mons, Belgium
 Guard Monkey, Mons, Belgium. / Photo: www.pavlov.ru

This small metal monkey is located right outside the entrance to the Mons City Hall, but no one can reliably explain the purpose of the metal guard. Some believe that this was a kind of “shameful pillar”, to which criminals were chained for public censure, others believe that the small growth of the monkey indicates its use for punishing children.

Guard Monkey, Mons, Belgium
 Guard Monkey, Mons, Belgium. / Photo: www.wikimedia.org

There is an assumption that a metal guard could be part of the sign of a tavern that had long ceased to exist. One thing is certain for sure: the guard monkey favors those who pat it on the head. For this caress, she is ready to return good luck to the life of an attentive passer-by and even fulfill his desire.

03. Bronze Boar, Florence, Italy
Bronze Boar, Florence, Ita
 Bronze Boar, Florence, Italy. / Photo: www.turproezdka.ru

Initially, this bronze sculpture of a boar appeared in 1934 thanks to Pietro Tacca, a baroque master. Initially, the statue was to adorn the fountain in the famous Italian Boboli gardens, but in the end, it was placed on the fountain in Mercato Nuovo in front of the pharmacy. The statue itself is partially hollow inside so that tourists and visitors can put a coin for good luck inside.

Bronze Boar, Florence, Ita
 Bronze Boar, Florence, Italy. / Photo: www.italiaguidaitalia.com

The boar, according to many visitors to this place, will certainly fulfill the desire if you rub its face. In 1998, the original statue was placed in the museum, and a copy was installed in its place. Along with the copy that stands in Mercato Nuovo, apparently, several more bronze boars were made, one of which is now installed in Sydney, and the other on the territory of the University of Arkansas.

04. Gänseliesel, Göttingen, Germany
Gänseliesel, Göttingen, Germany
 Ganseliesel, Gottingen, Germany. / Photo: www.wikimedia.org

This statue is a distinctive hallmark of Göttingen in Lower Saxony in Germany. Every year a festival is held in her honor, and the statue itself is decorated with fresh flowers. After graduate students from the university defend their dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, young scientists go to the Gänseliesel statue, decorate it with flowers, and will certainly kiss for good luck. This ritual made Gänseliesel the most kissed girl in the world and gave all the participants of the ritual a belief in luck.

05. Fairy Owl, Dijon, France
Fairy Owl, Dijon, France
 Fairy Owl, Dijon, France. / Photo: www.tourister.ru

This small wooden owl is located on the corner of the oldest church in Dijon. For the past three centuries, this little owl has tirelessly fulfilled the desires of those who reach out to her and stroke her warm muzzle. You need to touch the owl only with your left hand while making a wish. And legends say that a nondescript owl fulfills all desires, without exception, if they are conceived with pure thoughts.

Fairy Owl, Dijon, France
 Notre Dame de Dijon. / Photo: www.theculturetrip.com

The owl in Notre Dame de Dijon has become a symbol and unofficial mascot of the city. No one knows how an owl appeared in the church, it is only assumed that it was carved during the construction of a new chapel in the 16th century. For several centuries, the face of an owl has ceased to be recognizable and now looks more like a molten wax candle. However, hundreds of people are still rushing to the city’s mascot so that the owl will fulfill some very important desire again.

06. Point Zero, Paris, France
Point Zero, Paris, France
 Point Zero, Paris, France. / Photo: www.geocaching.su

The point, considered the center of the capital of France, is especially popular among both tourists and local residents. The center of Paris is marked with an octagonal brass plate, which is not too striking, but whoever finds it will receive a reward in the form of a wish. True, to get his portion of magic, a person will have to perform certain rituals.

Point Zero, Paris, France
 Point Zero, Paris, France. / Photo: www.wikimedia.org

For example, if you kiss a loved one on this stove, this will ensure mutual love and devotion for life, and if you twist on one foot on this stove, life may sparkle with new colors due to personal happiness. Many tourists leave coins here to return to Paris again. After the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral, a wish-fulfilling stove is still outside the reach of passers-by.

07. Tomb of Lincoln, Springfield, Illinois, USA
Tomb of Lincoln, Springfield, Illinois, USA
Tomb of Lincoln, Springfield, Illinois, USA. / Photo: www.wikipedia.org

The tomb of Abraham Lincoln is a very popular visiting place for those who want to turn their luck to face themselves. However, it’s not enough just to visit Lincoln’s resting place; Nobody knows where the legend came from that this simple ritual returns good luck, but every year thousands of people rub the bronze nose of the 16th President of the United States to shine.

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