6 tourist attractions that are not suitable for everyone

While these tourist attractions and museums are not for everyone, they receive thousands of visitors a year. People with very particular tastes visit these sites hoping to live an experience like no other. If your traveling spirit is already bored of the Louvre it is probably time for you to visit some of these attractions, check out.

6 tourist attractions that are not suitable for everyone
01. Hair Museum, Turkey
Hair Museum, Turkey

It is a museum located in an underground cave, in the city of Avanos, Cappadocia, Turkey, which has hair strands of approximately 16 thousand different women.

Thanks to its rarity, this museum has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in that city. His story began with a potter named Chez Galip who created the museum after receiving a strand of hair from a friend, from there, he began to ask for strands of hair for each woman who visited his workshop. All these 30 years ago.

02. Karni Mata Temple, India
Karni Mata Temple, India

If you hate rats in your life, you better not go near this destination, because here they are revered in a very special way.

The story focuses on one of the most popular gods of Hinduism: Karni Mata. This, in turn, is the reincarnation of Durga, the goddess of victory who, according to legend, asked God Yama for the resurrection of his entire tribe, his wish was granted but he returned them in the form of rats. Now, these rodents are fed milk and coconuts while waiting for their conversion into humans.

03. The Boneyard, United States
The Boneyard, United States
 Source | flickr / avatogga

While we believe that cemeteries are only for human use, you are wrong, in the United States, they created an exclusive cemetery for airplanes, where you can visit more than 3,000 disused army aircraft, many of them more than 60 years old.

04. Wine spa, Hakone, Japan
Wine spa, Hakone, Japan
 Source | flickr / honjoren

If you are a wine lover, you may be interested in this attraction, as it offers the best benefits of a relaxing spa, but everything is based on wine. The idea is that you will enjoy the benefits of this drink, but not only by drinking it but even by swimming in it.

05. Hall of Fame of the Cockroaches, United States
Hall of Fame of the Cockroaches, United States

Mixing the comic with the grotesque was Michael Bohdan's main idea when creating this museum where cockroaches are the main protagonists. Inside a pest control shop, his passion for these insects led him to create a world where insects are disguised in order to recreate stories or characters from popular culture.

06. Noodle bath, Japan
Noodle bath, Japan

In this attraction you can swim between noodles and take the opportunity to improve the appearance of your skin, allowing it to be cleaned and in the end, wear a rejuvenated look. All these thanks to the pepper collagen that is used to prepare the meat broth of the noodles. Definitely an experience.

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