Guoliang Tunnel – Guoliang, China

Guoliang Tunnel in Henan Province-China was no exception because Chinese people are always different in scale of architectural project. The Guoliang village is located in a mountainous area of the Taihang Mountains, situated in Huisxian, Xinxiang, Henan Province of China. Unfortunately, these road photos are often misidentified as a photo of the "Combe Laval Road | France".

Golian tunnel, Henan Province, China, is considered one of the world's most dangerous and impressive roads. Carved into the Taihang Mountains, this tunnel road is the only way into the remote Guoliang village.

guoliang tunnel road china
Guoliang China

Guoliang tunnel

This is the famous guilong tunnel in Hunan province, China, connecting to the more than 600-year-old Guoliang China village, precariously perched on a cliff 200 meters high. Deep in the Taihang Mountains, Henan Province, China, Guoliang is a village built of stone with less than 300. From a village in danger of being forgotten, Guoliang village has become a tourist attraction thanks to this uneven road. Previously, it was almost isolated from the world because there was no way to enter; only climbing the cliffs was very dangerous and difficult.

 First Image / Sjonnie van der Kist
Guoliang tunnel China

Guilong tunnel

The path of death China —  Before the Guiliang tunnel was constructed, access to the nearby village of Guo liang was restricted to a difficult path carved into the mountainside. The village is surrounded by towering mountains cut off from outside civilization. In 1972 a group of villagers led by Shen Mingxin made plans to carve a road into the side of the Mountain. Thirteen strong village workers began the project. The team of village works is without any engineer, but they set about carving a roadway inch by inch, using their handmade tools. Unfortunately, due to inexperience in tunneling and using explosives, five people died during construction. It took them up to 5 years to complete the 1,250m-long Tunnel, 5m high and 4m wide, enough for two cars to avoid each other. However, on May 1, 1977 "Labours Day," the guoliang tunnel road China was officially opened.

Image By Flickr User Sjonnie van der Kist
the path of death china
Chinese tunnels

Golian tunnel

Guoliang — Currently, the 1,250-meter-long a.tunnel is narrow and slippery on the side of a cliff. Climbing at the height of 1,752 meters is the only road that cars can take to move to Guoliang village. In total, the Guoliang tunnel China has 35 windows to bring light and air into a tunnle. To date, these windows have become a romantic viewpoint for tourists to visit.

Guoliang tunnel road, China — For many years, the Guoliang mountain Chinese tunnel has always been on the list of the most dangerous destinations globally, but it is very attractive to tourists to visit and explore the wild and interesting landscape of this place, road on side of the mountain. Lets see the pictures of guoliang tunnel in the taihang mountains in china.

Guiliang tunnel
Image By Flickr User Sjonnie van der Kist
a tunnle
Guoliang village
Image By Flickr User Sjonnie van der Kist
Chinese tunnel
 Image By Flickr User Sjonnie van der Kist
tunnel road
China tunnel
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guiliang tunnel
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golian tunnel
Guoliang tunnel road China
Image By China.Org.Cn
guilong tunnel
Guoliang tunnel road China
Image By China.Org.Cn
Guoliang tunnel, Henan, China | Video
Guoliang tunnel road China Google Map

guoliang tunnel
Guoliang tunnel road
Image By China.Org.Cn
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