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Route De Combe Laval — This road through Combe Laval is often referred to as the most beautiful road in the French Alps. It was built between 1861-1898. It originally served timber transportation from the Foret-de-Lente to St-Jean-en-Royans (France).
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Route de Combe Laval

Vercors plateau France — It is primarily used by cyclists who are willing to tackle a steep climb, and then be rewarded with breathtaking views of the Vercors area. The stretch between St. Jean-en-Royans & Col de la Machine is the most impressive. It runs through a series short, narrow tunnels and cuts through the cliff-like side. Nearly 8 miles (13 km) of alpine beauty and dizzying heights. Take the D 76 to Saint Jean en Royans and follow the direction Col de la Machine.

Cirque Combe Laval

Vercors region France — The road, which was 4km deep, is known for its unique carving in the rock. It is worth visiting the Gaudissard Belvedere to enjoy the unique view of le "Golfe du Royans". You will feel vertiginous as you pass through tunnels and metal roads. Combe Laval, because of its beautiful landscapes is designated a national heritage site by Articles L341 & foll. The Environmental code (decree dated 28 January 1991). It is located in the Drome district, on the Bouvante, St Jean en Royans, and Saint Laurent en Royans districts. It covers approximately 962 ha.

Laval road

The Vercors can be described as a stone vessel or citadel because it has an obvious explanation. The massif is separated from its surrounding regions by stunning cliffs. Its only connection with the outside world is via a few indentations in the rock ramparts. Combe Laval, one of the Royans' most impressive breaches, is a spectacular cirque that extends more than four kilometers into Vercors walls. It is surrounded by sheer peaks over 100 meters high so it does not make it easy to access the plateau. In the 19th century, however, a road almost elevated was constructed directly onto the cliffs. This road, along with the Petits Goulets or Grands Goulets roads from the Bourne and Nan Gorges, is one of few outstanding access routes to the heart of fortress.

The management and operation of Lente forests was a priority in the 19th century. The old Chemin des Chartreux, which runs along the Combe's edge, makes wood transport difficult. It took fifty years for a road project to connect Saint Jean with the Col de la Machine to be completed. The road runs 600m above the Combe gate from the Col de Gaudissart. It is deeply carved in the rock. To pass through the Combe Laval's sheer peaks, eleven tunnels will be required. The road provides breathtaking views from both underground and aerial locations. It is not surprising that the road became a tourist attraction in 20th-century.

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Combes France

This famous road is tightly hairpinched, bumped, and a stunning mountain drive with blind curves. There are also hairpin switchbacks as the road leads the traveler up the mountains. Some sections are very steep and not suitable for two cars. There are no guardrails or protections. Asphalt is the road's surface. Chains and snow tyres are possible at any time.

It is a beautiful road with stunning views. Take it slow and enjoy the curvy curves. It is best to be cautious when driving around corners, passing other traffic and overtaking. However, the road can close during winter months if it isn't cleared of snow. Winter can cause avalanches or heavy snowfalls to block sections of the road. This can make it extremely dangerous and can lead to accidents. Winter conditions can be unpredictable and harsh.

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Combe Laval Road | France
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