10 Most Amazing McDonald's Restaurants in the World

Since 1955, the McDonald's fast food restaurant chain has spread around the world to become one of the most recognized brands. Today, more than 39,000 McDonald's restaurants operate in the world, some are very fancy Mcdonalds, serving nearly 68 million people in 119 countries daily. 

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Fanciest Mcdonald's
In this issue, we have collected the 10 most unusual and amazing McDonald's restaurants, which stand out among others for their location, design and simply interesting history.

Mcdonald's in the world

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1. In Clifton Hill, on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, stands such a McDonald's, which occupies an elegant Art Deco building. (FLICKR / AJ HAYSON)

Unique Mcdonald's

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2. This McDonald's in Taupo, New Zealand, is located inside a decommissioned DC-3 aircraft. “Big Mac, big Coke and a ticket to Rio, please!” (ALAMY)

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3. The turquoise McDonald's brand name? World has gone mad? No, it's just McDonald's in Sedona, Arizona. Local authorities forced the company to agree to such a color so that the restaurant fits better with the local city landscape. (ALAMY)

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Fancy Mcdonalds

4. From the movie Pulp Fiction, we all know that the French call the Big Mac “Le Big Mac”. And you can eat this same “Big Big Mac” in such a wonderful place, which is located on Saint-Lazare in Paris. (WIKIPEDIA / TANGO PASO)

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5. Oh, the great karst peaks ... disfigured by this vibrant, flashy advertisement. Did you know that McDonald's Chinese serves black burgers sprinkled with white sesame seeds and sprinkled with black pepper sauce? And also white burgers with black sesame seeds and sweet-spicy sauce. (ALAMY)

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6. McDonald's in Roswell, New Mexico, is designed as a flying saucer, because, according to legend, it was in this American town in 1947 that an unidentified flying object crashed. (ALAMY)

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7. The musical of McDonald's? In Times Square in New York, a fast food restaurant lights up and flickers like a movie poster. (Getty)

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8. And here is the source of the Nile. This McDonald's is located on the banks of the legendary river in the Egyptian city of Aswan. Once there was a branch built in the form of a wheeled steamer that walked along the Mississippi River in St. Louis, but it closed in 2000. (ALAMY)

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9. This branch is also no more. Once it was located next to the Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton shops in the Victor Emanuel Gallery in Milan, but local authorities closed it. (Getty)

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10. McDonald's in Bray, Wicklow County, Ireland, has been occupying this stunning old building since 1997. (ALAMY)

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