Three Indoor Plants For Positive Energy

Plants are always be a big part of our life.  But these three Plants are a positive element inside the house. They not only purify the air of the rooms and relax through their scents, but also their aesthetic pleasure inspires tranquility and peace in those who observe them.

According to Feng Shui, some of them also have a real positive effect on the lives of the people who live together. They can attract positive energies, favoring good predisposition to the world and ultimately wealth.

Here three plants that will attract positive energy and wealth in your home.

1. Crassula

De acuerdo con Feng Shui plantas de interior para la energía positiva

Indoor Plants For Positive Energy

Laut Feng Shui Zimmerpflanzen für positive Energie

An ancient Chinese belief holds that Crassula, on the right hand side of the door, brings riches and prosperity. It is an easy to cure plant, give it a large pot and do not water it too often.

2. Pothos

De acordo com Feng Shui plantas de interior para energia positiva

Being an apiary that resists the absence of light, it can be placed under the shelves or corners of the house. It is here that, according to Feng Shui, the plant will absorb the stagnant and negative energies that accumulate. In any case pothos absorbs many pollutants from the air, so even for the skeptics is an excellent choice.

3. Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena braunii)

Enligt Feng Shui Inomhusverk för positiv energi
Photo Source: Bearfotos / Freepik

In Chinese tradition, any amount of stems is equivalent to a precise effect. For example, to attract abundance and prosperity, you can place 3 or 9 stems in the left corner of the living room (looking at the entrance door of the room).

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