18 Signals That You Are Getting Better And Stronger

How to understand that you have already embarked on a path of change, and there is no turning back? Where is the line between you past and you already changing? Pay attention to these very positive signals for change.

Where is the line between you past and you already changing?

1. You try to get to the heart of all your problems instead of just healing the symptoms.

2. You learn to apologize for your mistakes, although in reality the words of apology are given to you very uneasy.

3. You began to ask more and more questions, and not just talk about yourself.

4. You stop wasting time on people who confuse you or make you more toxic and unpleasant person.

5. You constantly try to understand, accept and understand yourself, even if it means doing something that you absolutely do not like or that you feel insecure about.

6. You tell your friends the truth, even if it's difficult, uncomfortable or uncomfortable.

7. You are polite, and you treat people well, even if they do not particularly deserve it.

8. You make a conscious effort to stop empty talk and gossip, especially when people are bad about someone responding.

9. You directly tell people when they upset you or hurt you, but do not get rid of vague hints and do not expect that they will understand it themselves.

10. You are not afraid to seek help when you need it.

11. You know that you really deserve good, but you also realize that you do not have the right to anything you want.

12. You are not afraid to admit your shortcomings.

13. And you're trying to get a little better and work on them a little bit more - every day.

14. You do not apologize for being yourself, and doing only what is best for you, not for others.

15. You are more specific and clear about your friends at this stage of your life, which means that you are making efforts to build the right communications and are trying to be truly yourself.

16. The same goes for your personal relationship with a partner.

17. You make a conscious effort to be a really good friend, even when it's difficult or uncomfortable.

18. You are not afraid of anxiety, uncertainty, sadness, depression, self-doubt or doubt. You do not try to avoid these things, suppress them or hide them. You look them in the face, and you are not ashamed to admit their presence. You learn to fight them, even if slowly and little by little.
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