Fly Geyser – Geyser Nevada

Fly Geyser or Fly Ranch Geyser is a small geothermal geyser that can be found on private land in the black rock desert of Washoe County. It is located approximately 32km north of Gerlach. Fly Geyser is located near the edge of Fly Reservoir in the Hualapai Geothermal Flats. An entirely natural phenomenon in that nature gives unusual characteristics as if made for our enjoyment. It is a geyser with several outlets which is a rural part of northwest of the state of Nevada, USA. The Fly geyser is close to the location of the Burning Man festival, which is celebrated every year outdoors. 

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Fly Geyser Nevada

Fly Geyser Nevada

Gerlach hot springs Nevada – Although it is not as intense as full pressure water, the main attraction of the area is the rainbow of colours and shapes that are created by thermophilic algae and calcium carbonate rocks. the Fly Ranch is also curious that it does not have a natural origin.

Fly Ranch – Back in 1916, When a well was dug to obtain irrigation water, the first geyser was formed. The well was abandoned after geothermal geiser springs water was detected at the boiling point. A calcium carbonate cone of 10-12 feet was formed in gerlach hot springs.

Geyser Nevada

Fly Ranch Geyser – A geothermic energy company dug a second well in 1964 near the original well. The geiser springs water was not sufficiently hot for energy, but the seal was not perfectly be tightened. The second well discharged enough pressure to cause the original geyser was dried up. The cones and travertine pool was formed by the dissolving minerals in the geiser springs water, including silica and calcium carbonate. Multiple conic openings on the geyser's mound are located: The cones measure approximately 6 feet in height, while the whole mound measures 25-30 feet high. The are many geysers in geysers in USA but this awesome fly geyser Nevada USA is famous for its colour and formation. The fly geyser gerlach nevada is one of the most beautiful in the natural geysers of the country.

Black rock hot springs Nevada

Geyser in Nevada desert – Ferlach Nevada geyser or Fly geyser offers small, guided nature walks lasting three hours from April through October each year. The nature walk includes a visit to the geyser. The Friends of Black Rock High Rock manage and lead tours. This colorful geyser in nevada attract visitors with its shade, size and warm water.

First Photo credit Đời Thừa
fly geyser
Fly geyser
Photo credit Q Myers
gerlach nevada
fly geyser nevada
Photo credit Tanya wheeler
geyser nevada
Geyser Nevada
Photo credit Tanya wheele
geyser nevada
Black rock hot springs Nevada
fly ranch
Fly ranch
Photo credit alisha doyal
fly ranch
Fly ranch geyser
Photo credit alisha doyal
fly ranch geyser
Fly Geyser Nevada USA
Photo credit BuxWays
black rock desert hot springs
Black rock desert hot springs
Photo credit VSKloos
black rock desert hot springs
Green fly geyser
Photo credit Geo Thermal
Fly geyser location map (Google Map)
Fly geyser map

Fly Geyser Nevada — Video

green fly geyser
The fly geyser
Photo credit Beau Rogers

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