Hussaini Suspension Bridge, The World's Most Dangerous Bridge

Hussaini suspension bridge crosses the lake Borit upstream of Hunza river in northern Pakistan. A 2,600 m altitude, in the region of Gilgit-Baltistan is the world's most dangerous bridge. It is an important point of connection of the routes that go to the north of the country, belongs to the people of Pasu and other neighboring villages and ends at the lake itself in Giglit-Baltistan. Since 1978 is relatively isolated by the lack of roads and infrastructure, the only possible way is through the mountains to Rawalpindi, or traffic of aircraft but only for the richest people, Internal insulation between regions is offset by the construction of the Karakoram Highway, which crosses the region from outside. The view from the Hussaini-Borit Lake Bridge is picturesque, not to mention precarious and potentially lethal.

Borit Lake Bridge
Photo credit Jawad Bhatti
The six main cables are hung from one bank to another. Massive gaps between the wooden planks, Many planks are missing, and strong winds shake the bridge. It does little to ease nerves that a previous, older, broken bridge hangs in tatters next to the "new" one. It is very dangerous to cross the Borit Lake and rapidly flowing Hunza River is particularly frightening, reason for being named world’s most dangerous suspension bridge and also world's most attractive bridge. The new Hussaini hanging bridge as the tattered remains of the previous bridge still hangs next to it. The deadly poor maintenance of Hussaini Bridge is also one of the most Oldest Bridge of Pakistan.

The truly death-defying thrills and fears associated with crossing this bridge where sudden gusts of winds can  hit travelers off their feet to face to face with death. Despite its dangerous looks, however, the Hussaini is is a relatively safe bridge and has become something of a tourist draw, with hikers testing their nerves as they carefully work their way across.

picturesque Bridge; Hussaini suspension bridge; Hunza river bridge; Giglit Baltistan bridge
Photo credit sazam

Hussaini suspension bridge, Passu, Pakistan
Hussaini suspension bridge, Passu - Pakistan. Photo credit Roger McCarthy Follow

Hussaini Borit Lake Bridge
Photo credit oswaldt

Oldest Bridge of Pakistan
Photo credit oswaldt

world’s most dangerous suspension bridge
Photo credit CGLangereis

world's most attractive bridge
Photo credit sazam

broken bridge of Pakistan
Photo credit sazam

 Hussaini hanging Bridge
Photo credit elise and matt

Hanging bridge of pakistan
Photo credit Gulbtur

The World's Most Dangerous Bridge
Photo credit Musofer

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