Cueva de Los Verdes Lanzarote Canary Islands

Cueva de los Verdes - Take a walk to the Cueva de los Verdes volcanic tunnel. This is the most beautiful volcanic formation on the island and one of the longest volcanic tubes in the world at 6 km. The volcano that forms the Monumento Natural del Malpais de La Corona is home to Haria, a municipality on Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, Spain. It is formed from the eruptions of the La Corona Volcano.

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Los Verdes

Volcano Tunnel, Cueva de los Verdes | Canary Islands of Lanzarote, Spain

Geologists believe the tunnel is approximately 3000-5000 years old. The lanzarote lava tubes runs six kilometres from the volcano cone to the sea. Inside the tunnel are two of the most relevant Centers of Art, Culture, and Tourism, namely "Cueva de Los Verdes" and "Jameos del Agua".


Lanzarote caves — A volcanic tunnel is made by cooling and solidifying the top of a volcano in contact with the air. The liquid magma beneath continues to flow. The partial collapse of its roof forms the tunnel. This creates the structure Lanzarote refers to as "Jameo". It's an opening in the ground that gives access to other caves. La Corona Volcano has created the longest tunnel on Earth. It is also one of the most beautiful. Along its length, there are 21 jameos. Six kilometres of the tunnel have been explored. Before entering the ocean, these run from La Corona's crater in an underwater stretch of 1.5km known as "Tunel de la Atlantida", also called Tunnel of Atlantis.

Cueva de Los Verdes

Green caves Lanzarote — It is also well-known for its concert hall situated close to the cave's exit and entrance. There are about 15 to 20 rows and 26 seats per row. This allows up to 500 people to be in the concert hall at one time. In the past, Lanzarote's inhabitants used this cave to escape from European pirates and Muslim slaver raiders.

Cueva de Los Verdes secret — It is worth visiting the caves. And if the mysterious Cueva de Los Verdes, which contains molten wax-like stones, isn't enough for you to be impressed. It is a stunning sight to see the lowest part of the cave used as a concert hall.

Image credit Luc Viatour
los verdes
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los verdes
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cueva de los verdes
Image credit Irene Grassi
green caves lanzarote
Image credit Jose Gonzalez
lanzarote caves
Cueva de los verdes tour — As with many cave systems, the Cueva de los Verdes has its own optical illusions, which you will be shown on the guided tour; which is the only way to see the Green Caves. Image credit Lukasz Badura

lava caves gran canaria
Concierto cueva de Los Verdes — Since 1964 a 2km pathway has been open which shows off the caves to their best effect after having been carefully transformed - if that is the right word - by Jesus Soto. Image credit Jordi Pay√†

concierto cueva de los verdes
Lava caves Gran Canaria — Unlike many tourist attractions, it is difficult to tell that there has been any human intervention in the cave structure. The main work has gone into an awesome lighting system which highlights the walls of the cave extraordinarily well. Image credit Lukasz Badura

cueva de los verdes tour
Lanzarote has suffered attacks from pirates and raiders throughout its history; which is one of the reasons that the inland town of Teguise, used to be the capital of the island. Image credit Jose Gonzalez

lanzarote lava tubes
The Cuevas de los Verdes was an excellent place to hide for the local people, going as far back as the Guanches who were an aboriginal people who used to inhabit the Canary Islands. Image credit Jose Gonzalez

los verdes
In fact there is actually a chamber within the tunnel which is known as 'The Refuge', because it was so often used for shelter. Image credit Jose Gonzalez

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