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Wednesday, 11 December 2019

7 iconic places where made wishes always come true

Even in the 21st century, people continue to believe in miracles and sometimes go to the ends of the world for the sole purpose of testing the effects of strange rituals that bring good luck to life. Fortunately, such "places of fulfillment of desires" exist in almost all countries. We offer you to get acquainted with those places and rituals associated with them, where people are constantly in a hurry, believing in their magical power. 7 iconic places where made wishes always come true

7 iconic places where made wishes always come true


Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Incredible Abandoned Places Where Time Has Left Its Mark

Hospitals, factories, abandoned houses in which there has long been no soul. Such images very accurately convey the atmosphere of emptiness and inspire thoughts about the past. Who walked along these corridors? Who built these walls? When did everything go wrong? Immediately there is a feeling of admiration and a desire to visit these unusual abandoned places.

In almost all parts of the world there are abandoned buildings that nature is gradually destroying.

01. An abandoned castle in France
An abandoned castle in France

9 Pilots intentionally crashed the Aircraft

On Sunday morning, September 26, 1976, pilot Vladimir Serkov sent the An-2 plane without passengers to a five-story apartment building located at 43/1 Stepnaya Street. In a collision and as a result of a fire 11 people were killed, including the pilot. During the investigation, it was found that Serkov’s wife lived in the house, who, shortly before the tragedy, left him and took the child.

Suicides among pilots, although rare, still occur. Over the past 30 years, in the United States alone, at least 44 pilots tried to take their own lives by intentionally sending their planes to the ground. According to an investigation by the National Transportation Security Council (NTSB), all suicidal pilots were men and most of them were keenly parting with girls or wives, or they had problems with the law.

Andreas Lubitz, Flight 9525 Germanwings

Thursday, 5 December 2019

10 Man-Made Black Holes on Earth

The astronauts, who first saw the Earth from space, enthusiastically respond to the unique colors and patterns that dotted the planet. Green valleys, flower plantations, golden deserts, mountain ranges, as well as deep canyons. For millions of years nature has created and changed landscapes that people in all corners of the world admire.

But for some time now man began to interfere in this creative process. Sometimes well-designed projects by scientists give life to drylands, and agricultural activity develops in just a few years. But also without stopping there is an extraction of ores and precious metals, as a result of which many "unplanned" holes have formed on earth.  We suggest you take a small virtual trip to these places —10 Man-Made Black Holes on Earth

01. Ekati Diamond Mine
10 Man-Made Black Holes on Earth

Friday, 29 November 2019

10 Most Amazing McDonald's Restaurants in the World

Since 1955, the McDonald's fast food restaurant chain has spread around the world to become one of the most recognized brands. Today, more than 33,000 McDonald's restaurants operate in the world, serving nearly 68 million people in 119 countries daily.

In this issue, we have collected the 10 most unusual and amazing McDonald's restaurants, which stand out among others for their location, design and simply interesting history.

These Strange Wooden Goggles Were Invented By The Ancient Peoples

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